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Java/J2EE Framework
The fastest way to build transactional business systems, ensuring the highest possible levels of quality.

What is Powered™?
Powered™ is a unique and truly innovative Java/J2EE Framework for Application Development. It is a complete solution which combines 3 of the most important elements of application development:
Application Architecture
Application Infrastructure
Development Methodology

Why should you get Powered™?
We believe the Powered™ Java/J2EE Framework offers the most efficient way to build business systems. It achieves this by:
providing the fastest development approach
requiring the least amount of effort (lowest cost)
ensuring the best possible result (highest quality)

Why is Powered™ so fast?
The Powered™ Java/J2EE Framework has been completely optimised to ensure developers write the absolute minimum possible lines of code to implement any given business function. In some cases up to 95% of the code that would otherwise be required is eliminated.

This reduction in code not only provides massive increases in efficiency during the construction phase, it has a ripple effect through the design and testing phases. If code does not have to be written, it does not need to be designed OR tested. It’s that simple!

If you don't believe that up to 95% of code can be elminated have a look at the tutorial and see for yourself. The tutorial provides a step by step example of how the Powered™ Java/J2EE Framework can be used to build a business application.

What is Powered™ used for?
The Powered Java/J2EE Framework is ideal for the custom development of enterprise strength, mission critical, transactional business systems.




"architectures tend to be overly complex" more


"infrastructure is often not sophisticated enough" more


"most frameworks ignore methodology completely" more